Stickers and Label Printing Growth hacks for Printers

Right from giants serving 30,000+ corporate clients to teens getting their pocket money from custom sticker designs, stickers and labels industry is one such printing category that has both the extremes! Although, it requires a bit of technical knowledge of paper, die-cut, color, weather and waterproofing, design process and other such aspects, the industry witnesses numerous new entrants from time to time!

While some people are technical and market experts, there are others in the industry who doesn’t even know the difference between the graphical stickers and informative labels. So, while it is a convenient and easy way to make some good money, the new entrants and amateurs often create confusion amongst the customers, competition in the market and chaos in terms of product offering.

But if you are one of those who wish to pursue Stickers and Labels business seriously and if you want to make a living if not fortune out of it, then it is essential that you make some significant changes in your business to create a brand image in the market. And to help you, I have listed below 5 valuable tips that will provide you with an opportunity to grow your Stickers and Labels business:

Tips to grow your sticker and label printing business:

1. Ecommerce platform with a Custom Sticker Designer Tool:

If you wish to make a mark in the sticker and label printing industry, the first essential thing that you will require is an e-commerce website with custom Web2Print software integrated with it! While the e-commerce platform will help you create a virtual market that would help you fight the current Coronavirus crisis, the sticker design software will help you deliver custom and personalized labels and stickers to your customers!

With personalized label design software in your corner, you can create creative and attractive designs, cater the sticker design software as a service to your clients and integrate your output ready products directly into the website or social media platforms without the actual need for execution! Thus with an e-commerce website, you will have an increased reach and with an online print design tool, you will have a competitive edge required to establish your brand amongst your target audience.

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2. Drop-shipping partners for greater reach

With the trade restrictions imposed due to the global pandemic, the businesses are facing a hard time reaching global audiences! But if you wish to expand your business overseas, you can partner up with local printers in your targeted region and collaborate with them to provide you with drop shipping services.

But instead of passing the whole order, you can initiate the deal and designing process from your e-commerce platform. Once the sticker design and quantity are finalized, you can send the output ready design file from your custom web2print software to your dropshipping partner and they will execute and ship it from their local facility! With this approach, you will have a direct sales opportunity globally with the help of printing partners. Although the margin will be lesser than your local business, but the increased sales and volume and that too without the actual need of a printing machine and local presence is worth the efforts.

3. Stickers and Labels for Corporate Coronavirus Messages:

While the printing industry has taken a huge hit in terms of orders from the entertainment and hospitality industry, there has been a surge of labels and stickers demand from retail stores and corporate who wish to showcase social distancing and Corona protection and hygiene standards through stickers and labels in their premises!

But instead of creating an inventory, you can invite corporate to get personalized stickers and labels by using your online sticker design tool and then place a bulk order. Not only will you save a lot of inventory costs, but the personalized offerings will also boost corporate demand as stickers and labels can also be a part of the branding strategy.

4. Trending Topics Stickers:

Since you will have a product design tool handy, it is always advisable to create sticker designs of trending and unexplored topics! Most of the printers who have managed to make a fortune out of Stickers and Labels business have made it with one or more custom sticker designs that went viral! Thus, if you too wish to hit a jackpot, you must keep innovating and try to create stickers of trending topics that have the potential of going viral.

Apart from custom and trending designs, one of the other ways to grow your business is by selling stickers and labels that have high and regular demand! But instead of creating your designs and inventory, you invite vendors to list their products on your e-commerce platform and then you can earn good commission from each sale! But if you wish to introduce this feature, plan your multi-vendor features right at the time of e-commerce website development so that you don’t have to bear an additional cost on the later stage.

Wrapping up

With the already existing market competition and the new business challenges introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, growing your business is a tough task and thus you must make a strategic move and plan your venture to make your sticker printing business a success!

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