Top 25 Custom Products to List on Your Print Store During St. Patrick’s Day

St. patricks day selling guide

Every month we have something to celebrate and after the grand Valentine’s Day; is lined up a cultural and religious holiday called St. Patrick’s Day, which is a day of parades, decorations, good luck charms, gifts, and all things green.

Hence, before people around the world start looking for St. Patrick-themed products, you must be ready with your list of print products on your print store and here’s what you can and must put up online to enjoy a big fat sale on St. Patrick’s Day.

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St. Patrick’s Day: The Past, Present and the Future

St. Patrick’s Day

Each year worldwide, Irish culture is celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day, also known as St. Paddy’s Day or St. Patty’s Day. March 17th marks St. Patrick’s Day, the day dedicated to honoring the man who brought Christianity to Ireland – St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. 

During his six years of imprisonment as a shepherd, he had become a devout Christian and even had visions from God telling him to go back to Ireland and preach. In a Declaration written by him, he also states that God told him to flee to the coast, where a ship would be waiting to take him home. Then, he escaped back to Britain, where he preached and taught for twenty years, and founded churches and monasteries. He also returned to Ireland to convert the pagan Irish to Christianity, and died on 17 March buried at Downpatrick.

Today, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide, and Irish people from all over the world acknowledge it with great devotion and involvement, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more. It is today more than just a religious holiday and has become an occasion for some lighthearted fun that marks the beginning of spring.

On this day, big parades and religious events are held, and people celebrate and have fun by eating traditional Irish food, dancing, and singing. It is believed that, St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people during the celebration; so everything is green on this day. Therefore, from decorations, dresses, dishes, to even drinks like beer are green in color.

St. Patrick’s Day is special and every year is celebrated with great fervor. It presents a great opportunity for eCommerce print store owners to maximize sales on this day because customers are encouraged to celebrate the holiday by purchasing items that are relevant to the theme of the holiday. Hence, you too must prepare your eCommerce print store every year to become the favorite store in the minds of the customers for their St Patrick’s Day shopping.

Why Does St. Patrick’s Day Matters So Much For E-Commerce Business Owners?

St patricks day design studio (1)

Every festival, celebration, and occasion matters because people shop like crazy before and on such days, and when it is an international event like St. Patrick’s Day, the sales double up as it’s from all over the globe.

By setting up your store with St. Patrick’s theme and selling products related to it or offering customization to do so, you can attract customers and improve your sales and profit. You can also get increased market exposure for your business as customers will flock in to buy when they see specialized promotions for St. Patrick’s themed products as they will give your customers a unique shopping experience which is all they want.

So, here’s a list of the top 25 custom print products that you can put up for sale to cater to both B2C and B2B customers on St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy an incredibly successful selling season!

Custom B2C Print Products

1. Headwear/Bandana or Caps/Hats

cap st patricks day

People love to adorn various types of headwear during parades, such as bandanas, caps, or hats, and hence with a customization feature; you can allow your customers to choose their color, design, and text on them and order as they like.

2. T-shirts & Hoodies

Different occasions have different clothing and on St. Patrick’s Day there is no limit to the creativity one can do with their clothing. A t-shirt is one such versatile piece of clothing that goes with any occasion and hence with t-shirt design software; you can allow your customers to order their t-shirts or hoodies with St. Patrick’s Day color, i.e., green, slogans of luck, and designs of beer; Shamrock that represents belief, hope, and the blossoming of Ireland; or Leprechauns that are fairies, usually represented as mischievous little old bearded men wearing cocked hats and leather aprons, all of which will sell like hot cakes.

3. Mugs & Coasters

St. patricks day selling guide

St. Patrick’s Day is not just about celebration but also about gifting and so you must take advantage of this and allow your customers to customize mugs and coasters with jubilant designs and captivating slogans which make one of the best and most useful gifting items.

4. Drinkware

Drinkware St. patricks day selling guide (3)

Water bottles are used by people of all ages and are carried everywhere from the gym, school, and office, to sports. Thus, offering them during St. Patrick’s Day will help you sell them in great numbers as they too make an ideal gift.

Now Is Your Time To Win The Online Custom Water Bottle Market

5. Tote Bags

st patricks day custom tote bag

Tote bags are in fashion because of their versatility. From shopping bags, beach bags, overnight bags, and even gym bags, they can be used as anything and are so convenient yet a style statement. Hence, allowing customers to customize anything on a tote bag for St. Patrick’s Day will attract more buyers than you can imagine.

6. Printerior Products

st patrick day prenterior products

People even like to deck up their homes on St. Patrick’s Day and what could be more beneficial than offering printerior products in your print store? Digitally printed drapes, pillow covers, table cloth, wall art, there is a long list of printerior products and when one gets to customize them, trust us, your sales will hit a record high.

7. Photo Products

No matter how ‌ digital we have become, photos albums are always loved by all and with photo design web-to-print solution you can allow your customer to gift each other a collection of previous years’ St. Patrick’s Day photos in various forms like a photo album, calendar, canvas, collage, frame, etc.

8. Flags & Badges

flags st patricks day

While some customers like to flaunt their costumes, some like to keep them minimal by simply wearing flags and badges on their sleeves. Even though small, don’t neglect it as it can bring good sales when you would be least expecting.

9. Greeting Cards

A personalized greeting card is loved by all and with people exchanging them on St. Patrick’s Day, you can beat your competitors by integrating greeting card design software on your print store; using which customers can personalize text, add images, clipart, and so on to make it truly festive.

10. Cutouts for Selfie Stands

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When people gather, they are bound to take hundreds of photographs and on St. Patrick’s Day; special photobooths are organized and to go with that,  cute and interesting cutouts for selfie stands are required in large numbers, so you better be ready with that on your print store.

11. Keychains, Buttons & Magnets

Button St. patricks day selling guide

Cute keychains and printed fridge magnets and buttons are small but make one of the best gifts, especially for children and when customers will get to customize all themselves, they will go crazy and shop from you not just on St. Patrick’s Day but every such special and normal day as well. 

12. Bows & Gloves

Not necessarily everyone can afford or decide to go for an entire costume for parades; therefore you can offer small but useful products like bows and gloves which buyers can customize with the elements of St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy the celebration.

13. Shoes

st patricks day shoe

Just like clothing, shoes are of great importance when it comes to costume and with shoe designer software, you can allow your customers to go for all-green shoes or add green logos, patterns, or designs on them as they like.  

14. Eyewear

People come up with interesting and creative costumes for the St. Patrick’s Day parade and among them, eyewear is a hit. So, offering customized eyewear is another way to stand out from your competitors.

15. Stickers

Stickers are one of the best gift items for kids. With sticker design software, you can also help reach a brand to a younger generation as well by offering customized stickers related to St. Patrick’s Day.

16. Phone Cases

St. patricks day selling guide mobile cover

Smartphone cases are more of a style statement today than their original purpose i.e. to protect mobile covers. People love to keep changing their phone cases and with St. Patrick’s Day-themed mobile skins and covers on your print store, you do not have to worry about your sales at all.

Custom B2B Print Products

17. Uniform

While people are enjoying St. Patrick’s Day, the retailers, food joints, cleaners, and event holders, all such people are working to serve them and since they cannot participate, you can allow them to wear the spirit of the celebration. With customized uniforms, they too can feel like being a part of the events and parades while working.  

18. Signs & Banners

St. Patrick’s Day is the time of the year for many businesses to gain good sales and for which they want signs and banners designed in its theme. With your sign design software and banner design software, you can allow brands to customize their signboards and banners in no time and even while on the go. Just make sure to offer them weeks before St. Patrick’s Day for the brands to get ready with their stores.

19. Business cards

St. Patrick’s Day is an auspicious and religious event, so many startups decide to open their business on that particular day, and for that, they are in need of business cards. So, it is the right time to offer a custom business card web-to-print solution because you will definitely see brands pouring in for the same. 

poster st patricks day

People get creative by all means during ‌St. Patrick’s Day and with poster design software you can help them experiment with their creativity by allowing them to customize a poster with green in some way including shamrocks, leprechauns, and emerald-colored objects.

21. Event Tickets & Hand Bands

A lot of events are organized on St. Patrick’s Day and for that event holders require specially designed event tickets and hand bands which with the help of an online design tool you can cater to them as per their requirements that too without any hassle.

22. Car Wraps

The trend of digitally printed car wraps is rising and you better add that to your print store because people love it and some do like to order it on St. Patrick’s Day as well.

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23. Standees

For any business to gain good sales, promotion is required and standees prove to be the best option to do so. So, don’t forget to include a customized standee in your print store as you can gain a lot from it.

Businesses are paying a lot of attention to ‌ packaging because it has become a marketing tool today. With interesting and customized packaging, brands are creating unique impressions on customers and are providing a great unboxing experience for them. So, with the help of custom packaging design software, you can help businesses deliver the same to their customers and establish their brand presence.

Labels play an important role in businesses and with customized labels, brands can attract customers to their products not just on St. Patrick’s Day but even on other normal days.

Now, apart from listing the above-mentioned crowd-pulling custom printed products on your print store, you must also up your marketing game before and on St Patrick’s Day because the competition will be cut-throat and to stand out among the crowd, you must to apply some of the winning St Patrick’s Day campaigns as mentioned below:

St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas

1. Follow the green trend

Green is the color of St Patrick’s Day, so make sure your marketing has a touch of green in everything to attract customers and connect with them emotionally.

2. Keep customers engaged

Give your customers more reasons to buy products like running personalized email campaigns, holding a minigame with a prize of discount or coupon, giving them discounts for referrals, including scratch and win games, and offering special gifts for a lucky customer, etc.

3. Create hype on social media

A week or two before St Patrick’s Day, start running ads and campaigns on digital platforms to create curiosity among customers about the upcoming sale. Provide a sneak peek of offers and discounts so that they will be hooked on your store.

4. Use appealing CTA and hashtags

Call-to-action and hashtags play an important role in luring customers to shop. Hence, make sure you are ready with a proper plan before ‌D-day.

5. Create urgency

Put up a special product line dedicated exclusively to the holiday season as well as a limited-edition St. Patrick’s Day design to drive demand.

6. Provide offers they can’t say no to

Provide Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals, free shipping, promotional code for the next order, etc.

How Customization Will Create a Big Difference in Your Sales on St Patrick’s Day?

St. patricks day selling guide

People are hungry for customized products and when it is a special occasion like St Patrick’s Day, they crave even more. Therefore, selling custom printed products on such special days will not only give your store a wide market presence but will also help you gain loyal customers for life.

Once your customers trust you and your products, they will prefer your store first to meet their requirements for custom products any time of the year.

Wrapping Up

St. Patrick’s Day carries a lot of emotions, and so while preparing your print store for the grand sale, make sure you keep in mind all those emotions of people to connect with them better. Since the competition will be fierce, you must have a strong foundation of products and marketing ideas to help you get the most out of your St. Patrick’s Day sales!

Partner with an expert web-to-print solution provider like Design’N’Buy to enable customization of a wide range of products including apparel, decorations, and accessories for your customers and ensure that your store has a successful holiday season!

So why wait? The sooner you opt for the solution, the faster you can have your eCommerce business ready to take customization orders before St. Patrick’s Day!

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