Launching latest AIOD V3.3: Most Advanced Version of All-In-One Designer with Mass Bunch of Exciting New Features

In a continued effort to be a leading web-to-print solutions provider, We have announced the launch of our brand new All-In-One Designer V3.3.

Ideal for commercial printing companies, print brokers, and distributors, the All-In-One Designer offers a simplified ordering process for customers to buy and sell customized merchandise online.

The third version of the All-in-One designer not only has a revamped look and feel but also is decked up with a long list of attractive features. For starters, the V3.3 is highly responsive and straightforward, yet has a significant website theme. It provides guaranteed Print storefront loading speed of 1.5-3 seconds which results to minimize bounce rates.

ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER V3.3 brings you the features to transform your customer experience and earn better revenues with your online print store:

High Performance

With an upgrade to the latest Magento Open Source V2.3.x, the storefront is fastest than ever with an assured page speed of close to 2 seconds. Now, take help from our Magento experts to set up a high-performance server that guarantees the performance. In addition, the new version is also now available on Magento Commerce if you wish to get rid of the burden of managing servers and handing your website security.

Excellent User Experience

The new storefront theme and layout is not only appealing but engaging with easy navigation. Our web-to-print has gone more intelligent with the new features of auto-fill smart templates on customer log-in. That means, once a customer logs into the website, the system will auto-fill the design templates with information from his account e.g. Name, Company Name, logo, etc. to give personalized previews. Customers can then just preview the proof and order. This overall reduces the time to order on your website and saves the hassle for your repeat customers of filling-up the same details every time they come to your store for ordering.

Revamped Design Studio Interface

Introducing keyboard short-cuts to help customers create stunning designs in minutes. We have also simplified the design studio user interface for ease of use for first-time users e.g. moving the “Upload Images” tab to left-hand panel and Log-in from design studio etc.

Tools to Increase Average Order Value

Advance features like related products and up-sell and cross-sells products with auto personalized preview generation are sure to help you increase AOV on your website. Also, check the new fast order feature for bulk ordering from a single page.

Ease of Order Management

Introducing the feature for n-up imposition so that you not only get the print-ready vector PDF file but an imposed file ready to be sent to the printer. You can now even handle Magento indexes and flushing the caches from the admin panel, without command-line handling anymore.

According to our CEO Nidhi Agarwal, the all-new AIOD V3.3 will be a delight to use by everyone. “We have upgraded the design studio interface, given the Smart Field option to automatically fill data in the templates, and assigned different page layouts for every template,” says Agarwal.

Just like previous versions, the All-In-One Designer V3.3 will continue to enjoy integrations with multiple third-party applications and tools such as Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, SAP, Salesforce, Google Cloud Platform, Fotolia, QuickBooks, Flickr and more.

The latest Web-to-Print solution is apt for any B2B or B2C printing eCommerce store that wants to offer its customers more than just a dynamic design tool, live 3D preview, and a friendly mobile UI for customizing products while on-the-go

As per your unique business requirements, the printing companies and brokers can easily configure AIOD V3.3, scale it up, and customize it for a perfect end-user experience.

If you want to know more about AIOD V3.3, the simple write to us at [email protected] or directly book your personalized demo. The Design’N’Buy team is confident that its customers are in for a treat.

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