How A Request From Customer Molded An Idea Into A Full-fledged Web-to-Print Software Company

Abhishek Agarwal the CMO of two successful IT business ventures – Design’N’Buy & was recently interviewed by Starter Story, a successful US-based business venture created by Patrick Walls that interviews successful entrepreneurs and share the stories behind their business to inspire and also provide specific advice and insight to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Abhishek has expressed in detail his web-to-print solution journey in the interview, starting from how failures at the beginning did not stop him from achieving what he desired. The interview is a beautiful walkthrough of the journey of Design’N’Buy. It tells the story of how a simple request from one of their customers inspired them to dream for more and triggered them to think big which led to the foundation of the most advanced online B2B and B2C web to print eCommerce storefront solutions company.

Sharing his happiness about how Design’N’Buy has grown into a full-fledged company having clients all over the globe; he has explained in brief the entire working process of Design’N’Buy from designing, prototyping, manufacturing their first product up to launching the printshop software business to where they stand today.

The interview also throws light upon the hardships faced by Design’N’Buy and how it kept sailing through all of it. In short, Abhishek Agarwal has opened his heart out, and every emotion of his towards Design’N’Buy is reflected in the interview with Starter Story.

“Unlike other interviews, Starter Story doesn’t bombard you with a series of questions. It simply asks you how you began your business journey. How did you grow? And how are you doing today? That’s what I found interesting and decided to share my story with others so that if my struggles, failures, success or thoughts are able to inspire someone, somehow, I will consider myself a successful entrepreneur then,” said Abhishek sharing his experience giving an interview to Starter Story.

Lastly, Abhishek has some interesting advice for budding entrepreneurs in the interview that are definitely some words to live by.

Read the full interview to know all of it in detail at

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