Fully responsive and feature rich design studio

The design studio is loaded with must-haves and unique features for making product personalization a fun and enjoyable experience for customers. The most important aspect of new design studio is user friendliness and its accessibility across all devices and browsers with consistent user experience.


Personalize and
Print any Product


Fully responsive design tool
built-in HTML5/JavaScript


Pre-loaded clipart,
fonts and design templates

Personalization made easy for your customer over Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Design Studio

Design Studio

  • Compatible with all browsers, devices and platforms with responsive layout
  • Customize user interface to match your brand identity
  • Loads pretty fast and easy to use
  • Supports personalize from scratch and editing pre-decorated products
  • Localization in any language and currency

Product Configurations

  • Switch products in design studio keeping design intact and adjustable
  • Support for personalization of products up to 8 customization sides
  • Choose product color from available color options
  • Choose editable design template to personalize
  • Apply clearly identified design area or mask/overlay to avoid product designing on non-printable areas
Quick Edit

2D and 3D preview

  • 2D and 3D preview of the finished design
  • 360 degree rotation for realistic preview
  • Download preview as PDF file with watermark
Upload Image

Image Upload Features

  • Upload multiple images from local storage or mobile image gallery
  • Import images from Instagram, Flickr and Picasa
  • Supported image formats (‘psd’, ‘pdf’, ‘ai’, ‘eps’, ‘tif’, ‘tiff’, ‘ps’, ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’ and ‘png’)
  • Advance image editor with image masks and effects
  • Store uploaded photos in image gallery for reuse
  • Image health monitor for print quality check
text Features

Text Features

  • Fully loaded font library
  • Add multi-line text or paragraph with spacing control
  • Decorate text with font, color and size
  • Apply text outline, control border style, color and size
  • Apply fancy text shapes (Curve, Arc, Bulge, Bridge etc.)
  • Add effects of bold and italic
  • Align, rotate and duplicate text
  • Cut, copy, paste and group/un-group

Clipart Features

  • Category wise clipart browsing
  • Use predefined shapes(square, rectangle, circle and oval)
  • Create artwork with freehand tool
  • Support for multi-color clipart, change color of each layer
  • Apply outline, control border style, color and size
  • Align, rotate and duplicate clipart
  • Cut, copy, paste and group/un-group
Product Setting

Add to Cart Features

  • Inherent live quote display and add-to-cart
  • Choose printing method from available options
  • Specify sizes, order quantity and add special notes
  • Detailed price break-up for confirmation
  • Confirm pricing and proceed to check-out

Name/Number Module

  • Enable name/number feature per product
  • Choose product side to print name and number individually
  • Group order for team using same design with different names and jersey numbers
  • Apply font size, style, text shape and color
  • Tabular input for each piece with unique name/number and size
Editing Tool

Editing Tools

  • Undo/redo
  • Group/Un-group elements for editing
  • Cut, copy, paste, delete options
  • Duplicate design elements
  • Zoom artwork
  • Trash artwork and restart
  • Quick help panel

Layer Panel

  • Manager layers with different objects, images and text
  • Move layers up/down
  • Lock/Unlock individual elements
  • Show/Hide each layer
  • Copy, delete and duplicate layers
  • Select multiple objects at once: align, cut/copy/paste, group/un-group

Save and Share Artwork

  • Save design from design studio in user account even without ordering
  • Access all saved designs in customer account panel
  • Choose from already saved or previously ordered designs and re-edit or re-order
  • Share designs with your friends through social media
Design Ideas

Design Ideas

  • Manage and offer a library of design templates to choose from
  • Categorize design ideas for great browsing experience
  • Choose any design template and start personalizing it further
  • Lock-unlock any design element to control template editing

QR Code

  • Support for 9 QR code types
  • Change color of generated QR code image
  • Resize QR code image to fit in design

Text Border

  • Manager border for the text with different styles
  • Increase/Decrease thickness of the border
  • Choose border color in any form



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