Summing Up on DESIGN’N’BUY @ Printing United 2022 in Las Vegas, USA

Printing united 22 with DesignNBuy

DESIGN’N’BUY team for the Printing United expo arrived in Las Vegas on 16th Oct 2022 with a great deal of enthusiasm. 

It all began with pre-show meetings, appointments and exploring the city of dreams and luck. The next, the team started preparing for the event and was ready with the booth setup on the afternoon of 18th October. 

The show started with a bang as the Pinnacle Awards team visited DNB’s booth and presented the most awaited awards, the Pinnacle InterTech Award for best-in-class and most open web-to-print technology DesignO and the Pinnacle Product Award in the category of Software – web-based design personalization. 

pinnacle awards

The crowd flocked to the booth throughout the day in overwhelming numbers. Booth visitors were able to see live web-to-print software demonstrations and receive consultations. The time limit elapsed, leaving people wanting more and returning the next day.

The second day of the expo was marked by a heightened level of energy in the team. It was evident that many of the visitors from the previous day returned to learn more about the cutting-edge solutions designed for the printing industry.

We also visited numerous printers and exhibitors, as making connections is one of the most significant aspects of the event.

Throughout its history, Design’N’Buy has maintained strong relationships within the industry.

This enables us to gain a deeper understanding of how the industry operates and to identify the obstacles printers face in delivering the best-in-class services to print buyers, thus enabling us to come up with solutions to rectify their problems.

The day concluded with industry movers and shakers gathering at our booth, including Deborah Corn, Pat McGrew, Warren Werrbit, Joanna Gore, Kevin Abergel, Sean Marske, Tim Cox, and many others.

Many ideas and information were exchanged and we are glad that we would be initiating some new and exciting projects with them to help printers expand their online business and automate many of the critical pre and post-production processes to optimize their operational costs and maximize profits and opportunities.

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The last day began with a steady inflow of visitors looking for deep-dive details into the web-to-print technology. Many new collaborations were initiated with co-exhibitors offering complementing software services, including 4Over amongst others.

All these days, the DNB team had the opportunity to meet with our existing clients. Furthermore, they reviewed the latest product updates and gained a greater understanding of the product. 

The interactions included gaining insights into how our software contributes to their online success as well as feedback and suggestions to further improve our support to accelerate their online channel of business.

Our performance was not only appreciated during the show but also afterwards. DNB’s innovative technology is receiving a great deal of attention. Following the show, we have been featured by numerous blogs and influencers who have been impressed by our accomplishments.

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Towards the end of this trip to the most buzzing city in the USA, the team visited the famed Las Vegas strip and Grand Canyon National Park. Visiting the local sights and experiencing the vibrant and beautiful city of Las Vegas was a memorable experience. As amateurs, they did not forget to lose some quick bucks at roulette and a hand of poker.

Back in India, the team has a lot to do as Printing United 2022 has proven to be the best exhibit for DESIGNNBUY so far in terms of opportunities generated as well as love and recognition received from the industry overall.

This time, what happens in Vegas will not remain in Vegas. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and become a part of the revolution.

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