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Whatever you can accomplish “offline” is now feasible online, thanks to web-to-print solutions service providers. Let’s take a closer look at how you may get started with online printing by utilizing the expert web2print service providers such as 4Over.

Today we will learn, 

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How 4Over Was Started?

4over is a pioneer in the online printing sector, providing print resellers across North America. Since its inception in 2003 by husband and wife duo Zarik Megerdichian and Tina Hartounian, CEO and President, respectively, 4over has developed its process automation talents, beginning with a very sophisticated online buying portal.

During that time, they have taken a standardization and process automation approach to all aspects of their business, and they have grown to eight sites around the country, with more on the way.

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How 4Over Work?

Now that you’ve learned how it started now its time to see what it takes to establish your own online printing firm, it’s time to consider promoting your web to print business. To attain the intended outcomes for your online printing firm, focus on creating a practical marketing strategy.

Whatever you can accomplish “offline” is now feasible online, thanks to web-to-print service providers. Let’s take a closer look at how they worked with online printing by utilizing the expert web to print service providers such as 4Over.

We’ll also glare at its features and strategy, business model, marketing trends, and analysis of 4Over.

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What features made 4Over So Successful?

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4Over not only provides greater print quality and faster delivery but also a wide range of print products ranging from business cards to posters and much more. It provides some of the world-class features that have drawn a large number of trade customers from all around the world. It includes features such as:

  • Provide print brokers, designers, and other industry professionals with a diverse choice of marketing materials. It assists you in streamlining your marketing operations by providing free marketing content and templates. You may quickly improve your marketing initiatives by using them without making any upfront costs.
  • Assists printers in leveraging high-quality print. The 4Over team is made up of industry-leading printing professionals and cutting-edge technology, allowing you to get unrivaled printing quality for your business marketing.
  • Direct mailing makes it simple for small printers or business owners to have marketing materials produced and delivered to the correct mail address.
  • Same-day delivery can enable marketing teams set up marketing initiatives on the fly without having to worry about marketing collateral.
  • Con4rm makes it simple to print bigger PDF files. It has a simple yet user-friendly interface where you can submit your PDF files and have them printed promptly.

Provide a debugging tool that allows you to determine which browser your consumer is using and aids in the identification of major issues on your website.

How to Start a Business like 4Over: Value Proposition, Strategy, and Business Model

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Web to print has been heavily marketed for several years, yet it is still regarded as an “underdog” in the printing industry. Web to print service providers, such as 4Over, give numerous advantages that can help your company sow a seed of success in the market.

By streamlining the overall printing process, 4Over enables consumers to have their products printed in the best possible way while maintaining the greatest possible customer experience.

From a welcoming and straightforward interface to ready-to-use templates and quick turnaround time to robust security, online to print service providers deliver a slew of services to assist printers, graphic designers, and industry experts in lowering their overall expenses.

Let’s take a closer look to start a business like 4over. Here, we’ll look at the strategy and business plan of 4over.

  1. Create a business plan 
  2. Analyze market trends
  3. Calculate your expenses and revenue
  4. Make a list of potential vendors
  5. Add Print Reseller
  6. Add Technologies you would need
  7. Practice with your license and permission.

1. Create a business plan

One of the first steps in getting started with online printing is to have a real business plan on the table. You must decide if you want to conduct your internet printing business from home or in a traditional print shop. It would be better if you considered your USP.

Are you only interested in T-shirt printing, mug printing, packaging printing or something else? Or do you intend to begin carefully by using the most typical products, such as flyers or greeting cards? Consider the services you will provide through your web to print software portal based on your target audience.

2. Analyze market trends

It is critical to consider your market niche. You can decide whether to offer readymade designs or allow people to contribute their own artwork based on the age and needs of your target audience. Furthermore, it is important to have a vision for the first one or two years.

3. Calculate your expenses and revenue


The next step is to consider a rough budget for starting your online printing business. It usually costs between $2000 and $10,000, depending on the sort of printing equipment you intend to employ.

If you want to save money, you can integrate your print company with renowned web-to-print service providers like Design’N’Buy. Such web to print service providers has a vast range of APIs available to integrate to complete your online trip.

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4. Make a list of potential vendors.

If you intend to build up the full process for your online to print firm, develop a list of providers. You may need to spend some time looking for suppliers of various inventory to start your business with.

5. How to Add Print Reseller?

On the other hand, if you connect the third-party web to print service providers, such as 4Over, you won’t have to worry about the supply or shipping of printed products. It will be handled by the service providers themselves.

Print reselling occurs when a printer does not print the products that they sell. Instead, they will collaborate with a larger print firm or Trade Printer, which will accept wholesale orders for a variety of print items ranging from business cards to banners and posters.

If you decide that adding a print reseller is something you want to pursue, it’s time to start looking for a suitable Trade Printer. The following step will be to contact them to discuss opening an account and what it entails. Typically, they will have an account manager or consultant who will go over all of your alternatives with you.

Then the real fun begins! Decide how you want to promote your products and services, update your existing website if you have one, and begin informing your consumers about your exciting new business venture.

6. Technologies you would need

A. Web-to-Print Solution

B. Print workflow and production management system 

C. Print MIS

A. Web-to-Print: Need a Web-to-Print to give white-label storefront to resellers

Web-to-Print makes it simple to create custom and personalized products. When it comes to creating any printing needs, software is designed to make the job easier overall.

Give your consumers a fantastic experience by allowing them to contribute their own artwork, change it to their pleasure, and finish their project in minutes. Finally, your customers have more control over their items, which means you’ll have less work to complete and will become a true middleman.

Fewer errors, less communication –

Because the user is generating their own goods and submitting them as a print-ready document, there is less of a need to constantly communicate with the user, which leads to fewer reprints due to minor errors.

Automation –

The ordering process becomes more efficient as items like quotes and payments are automated. The user does not have to wait for the information they require to place their order; they may handle everything in one motion, and you do not need to involve as many people as previously.

Saves money and time –

Because everything is put together in one place, Web-to-Print eliminates a lot of extra costs. It requires fewer workers to do the task, resulting in a more efficient process.

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B. Print Production and Workflow Management System

Print Production and Workflow Management software can help you increase your productivity and flexibility.

Your print workflow is crucial to your business because it allows you to unify your various print technologies. An automated solution increases the quality of your product by decreasing the amount of manual handling and potential human errors.

Integrating your printing infrastructure and automating workflows helps you to perform at your best in terms of efficiency and competitiveness. To do so, you’ll need a system that allows you and your operators to automate prepress data procedures.

You can boost productivity and turnaround times by automating unnecessary processes. This enables you to take on and complete more tasks, hence increasing your revenue. You may ensure that unfinished activities are clearly noted so that they can be followed up on right away.

Allow for the seamless integration of your offset equipment with your digital printing systems and provide your customers with a high-quality service.

C. Print MIS

Print Management Information System, often known as Print MIS, is a computer-based solution for print business managers that allows them to plan, organise, and coordinate all of the organization’s activities. Print MIS is more than just software for printing; it entails much more.

Companies who use Print MIS see enhanced efficiencies, cheaper costs, and higher customer satisfaction. A Print MIS provides firms with instant access to a real-time picture of their operations as well as the detailed information required to keep them running properly.

7. Practice with your license and permission.

The final step is to start the process of registering your printing company and choosing a legal structure. You can, on the other hand, partner with third-party web to print service providers like 4Over to manage all of your printing concerns.

Final Thoughts

From posting work on the website to receiving your chosen goods, 4Over handles everything in a hassle-free manner. It not only helps you maximize output but also improves your total delivery cycle.

In order to build your business like 4over, you need to make all the strategies and plans like 4over or better than this. You need to follow all the features and strategies to build a successful business.

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