Why Should Your Printing Company Invest In Graphic Templates

We live in a highly visual world. Today, businesses strive for effective user-centric designs to sell products and services because that kind of consumer demand is at an all-time high.

You won’t be surprised to know people retain 65% of information up to three days after the latter has been paired with an image. Conversion rates for businesses using custom visual content are 7X higher than those that don’t.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether your customer is a business owner, a marketer or merely an individual seeking to print something, leveraging the function of graphic design on your online store isn’t a bad idea.

Empower your website with W2P technology

The end-goal of printing companies like yourself is to improve the print ordering experience of their customers.

And that’s only possible (and convenient) when the customers don’t have to waste time in coordinating with a designer and instead, but enjoy the flexibility to personalize the ready-made templates and place an order seamlessly.

Let’s dig deeper into why your printing company should invest in graphic design templates:

To trigger customers to avail more from your e-store

In the language of sales, upselling is the process of getting a customer to spend more by buying an upgraded version of what’s being purchased or by shopping an add-on service.

Most customers assume that a printing company will offer excellent service and premium quality printed work. Here, their reason to go with a particular printer could be location, pricing, delivery time, and others.

However, the minute you put forward a bunch of graphic templates on your storefront for use, your customers will sit and notice because you have suddenly transformed into more than a commodity supplier. You have reduced the headache of designing artworks for them.

Consumers, in general, like to have choices in-hand, and you have enabled that. They are triggered into buying more, and you make more money. Upselling is a win-win.

To improve the print ordering customer experience

Designing artworks is a real nuisance for a majority of customers. First comes the cost of hiring graphic designers in-house. And if there are none, they have to run door-to-door to find the perfect graphic designer for the job.

But when you offer a graphic design tool on your storefront, you give your customers a single platform to not only place a printing order but also to select a template from your design bank. That arrangement also reduces the length of the purchase cycle!

Majority of businesses lose 71% of their customers due to poor customer service. But the said arrangement makes the overall experience of placing orders on your website a delight for your customers. Why wouldn’t they want to come back to you?

To enable faster print production and delivery

Since your customers using your design templates and ordering print through the W2P solution, it strips away layers of the traditional approval process which was longer and you get print ready output file which directly goes it printing.

Design’N’Buy’s Web-to-Print storefront with ready design templates enables you to process a higher print volume instantly because the orders get queued up for production through an automated system.

This kind of deadly combination ensures prompt delivery to customers, and that becomes one more reason for them to come back to you.

To position yourself as more than a printing company

Printing companies should accept the fact that good profit margins are difficult to make by only selling ink on paper. To scale rapidly, it is essential for them to offer much in-demand design support in the form of graphic templates that enable a higher profit margin than print.

Such services position you as a business partner – one that helps its customers achieve their goals and carry out their business more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Your printing company should leverage graphic design templates to set itself apart from the competition more easily. Moreover, it just makes the job of the customers easier. And they don’t view you as only one commodity supplier.

To build a long-lasting relationship with customers

In the end, everything boils down to how happy your customers are. You see they are spoiled for choice and it only takes one poor buying experience for them to switch to a new one. Why take that risk at all?

Why can’t you invest in graphic templates and reduce your workload instead. Design’N’Buy’s graphic design support includes readymade templates for brochures, corporate stationery, letterheads, business cards, flyers, leaflets and more. Trust me – your customers will love to see so many templates to work with!

If you provide them with an excellent buying experience, 80 percent of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing customers – and that’s a guarantee.

Before you leave…

It’s true visual content is the most important type of content today. Keep selling prints, and you’ll be regarded as a mere commodity printer and have little control over your profit margins.

But the minute your printing company empowers itself with graphic design, it will not only be able to generate more revenue but also attract and engage diverse customer communities.

Our decade-long experience in W2P technology has taught us one crucial lesson, i.e., graphic designing services is a necessity. And where there’s a demand, how can Design’N’Buy not supply?

If you are looking to sell graphic design services on your website and want a software that supports that, we can help you. Please email us at [email protected] and a member of our staff will contact you at the earliest.

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