Six Perks of Offering Custom Packaging At Your Printing E-Store

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that eCommerce is the reason behind 10% of retail sales in the world, and that statistic is likely to grow by 15% by 2020. Look around yourself. The consumer demand is at an all-time high. Printing eCommerce is no exception. The custom packaging domain directly influences the online buying experiences.

In this day and age, 61% of consumers get excited on receiving a custom package and 68% of them perceive a brand to be more upscale due to its unique packaging. To help you understand better, let us take the example of Indian online poultry, meat, and seafood seller,

It’s unique in a way that it prints the caricatures of its customers with their testimonials on the delivery boxes. There’s no doubt the boxes look vibrant and instantly attract the customer even if the boxes are going to get trashed by them. The brand remains in their minds and nudges them to buy from sooner rather than later.

Printing Companies like yourself have found themselves in a tight spot because the competition to grab the consumers’ attention is worse than ever. That’s why you should carve a niche for yourself by offering custom packaging on your website. Here are six benefits of doing so:

Enhanced customer experience

When your customers have the flexibility to browse through not only different products but also packages of variations and sizes, they get to enjoy a better and far more convenient buying experience. They are much happier and wouldn’t mind coming back to you if their overall buying experience is exemplary.

Enhanced customer experience

Customers always come first, and custom packaging allows businesses to emphasize on that. Moreover, custom packaging is a great way to involve your customers. may not do it with all its customers but it makes sure a chosen few get printed on the delivery boxes.

Increased average order value

If you make the complete process of personalizing and purchasing packages easy on your website, your customers won’t mind ordering them in bulk from your online print shop software because they know they are going to get a better deal.

Moreover, bulk shopping is cost-effective for your customers as each product saves on raw material and eliminates the need for filler material. Low-cost ink and packaging options also reduce the overall cost of your offerings.

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Add-on service offerings on a platter

If you know your customer behaviors to the ‘t’, you can get more out of each of them. Apart from offering custom packaging, you can also provide graphic designing, data preparation, and packaging and shipment – thus increasing the value of every sale.

You can make all of this possible by deploying a print shop website software that is not only fully responsive but also easy to manage and user friendly. Your customers will not have to go anywhere to shop. They can buy everything under a single roof!

Being eco-friendly adds value

eco-friendly adds value

As consumers are becoming increasingly environment-friendly, offering 100% recycled materials shows that you care about the nature as well. You can provide packages made of biodegradable materials for customization purposes.

Alternatively, you can also work with specialists in packaging to create eco-friendly designs to further boost your brand’s awareness. At the end of the day, such initiatives go down well with the customers and they prefer doing business with such environment-conscious brands.

Boosted brand awareness

Every business gets one chance to make a good first impression, and custom packages can help in that. A basic box may look decent and do the job well for business. But if the same box has interesting imagery printed on it with the customer’s name, that heightens the brand value.

With the small exercise, you can strive to make a name for your brand, generate customer loyalty and drive more revenues. Isn’t that what every business wants at the end of the day?

Effective product protection

Do you know the eCommerce packaging industry is set to be valued at $55 bn by next year or that it is expected to grow to 14.3% by 2022? Interesting, right? Of course, it is! One of the major perks of selling your custom packaging services is that it enables the customers to design the boxes that better fit the product. They can also design corner pieces that keep the fragile products in place. There are many software for online print shops that offer this functionality.

Wrapping up

Custom packaging can be a great asset for any business that wants to approach with a “one-size doesn’t fit all” motto. Personalized packages helps in better promoting the brand and boosts efficiency when it comes to product protection.

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