A Step By Step Guide to Sell Customized and Personalized Face Masks from your Website

Very often we see changes in market trends with passing times! In the ever changing world, we very often witness gradual and eventual changes in the buying patterns and customer priorities. For instance, the mobile phones when introduced had a sole purpose to make and receive calls and text messages, but with the advent of the Smartphones, consumers now have an increased dependency on Smartphones as they are used for various purposes apart from calling and texting.

Similarly, when the world was hit by the pandemic Corona virus, face masks were treated as personal protective equipment that were used to protect a person’s nose and mouth from catching contagious Coronavirus. The only factor considered by consumers while buying a face mask was the protection it provided and nothing else mattered. But as the world learns to live with this pandemic, people are now making face masks a part of their daily life and their outdoor attires. Because of such a change in the perspective, they are also considering the design elements along with their protective details before making a buying decision of a face mask.

The golden opportunity:

Many fashion brands have already observed this change in the customer behavior and thus, they have launched an exclusive range of designer face masks that their customers can buy for an updated fashion statement. But instead of investing in bulk productions of various designs, we have come up with an alternative for fashion brands and online printers that will not only provide unlimited face mask customization options to their customers, but they will also get an opportunity to adopt a cost-effective approach where you don’t have to make any preliminary investments in actual printing and production of designer masks!

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The alternative that we are suggesting is of providing personalized face masks to the customers where they design their own masks and all brands and online printers have to do is print and ship them once the design is finalized! To accomplish this, all they have to do is integrate a product design software on their websites that is custom tailored to provide desired mask customization to their customers!

But the success of this business model is solely dependent on the competency of the Web2print software aka online design tool that you integrate into your website! To ensure that your integrated design tool provides delightful and satisfactory customer experiences, your printshop software must have following features in it:

Capabilities that can make your Online Face Mask Design Tool a raging success:

1.      A Responsive Design Tool:

To provide an extensive and all comprehensive design service to your customers, it is essential that your design tool is accessible from various devices. The design tool must be customised in a way that whether your customers access the product design software from Smartphones or from tablets or from laptops, it must deliver a seamless and uniform design experience on all the devices.

2.      Quick Loading:

In a survey it was found that 32% of website visitors will leave your website or application if it doesn’t load within 5 seconds! Higher loading times may lead to higher bounce rates and repeated unsatisfactory user experiences can also result in site abandonment in the longer run! Thus, it is essential that the design tool that you integrate in your website loads quickly.

3.      Inclusion of various Products:

To establish an extensive print shop online, it is essential that the designer tool that you integrate is compatible of providing customisation opportunities on all your products. To ensure that all your products are integrated into the system, you need a web2Print solutions provider who can deliver a custom tailored design tool in which they pre-install all your product designs into the software along with periodic updates of the entire available colour and size options as well.

4.      Comprehensive Personalisation Capabilities:

The logic of a successful product personalisation tool is simple, “the more the options; the better the opportunity of converting your lead into a customer”. Thus, it is essential that if you are planning to provide personalized COVID-19 face masks to your customers, the web-to-print software that you integrate must provide following personalization:

Personalised Face Masks with Images:

Your online design tool must have a huge database of images from different categories and it must also allow your customers to upload their own images of which they wish to get a personalised face mask.

Personalised Face Masks with Photos:

One of the most recent trends of the world is where customers order personalised products with their own photos or they gift such products to their loved ones with their photos in it! We believe that the same trend will followed with personalised face masks and thus, your design tool must allow customers to design face masks with photos.

Personalised Face Masks with Text and Clip Art:

Whether it is quotes or emojis or various clipart, the design tool must not only have the standard database, it must also have various font, colour and size options too! There must also be an option for customers to create their own unique COVID-19 face masks with their own creative texts, quotes or clip arts.

5.      Print-ready design output files:

The design tool that you integrate with your website must allow customers to have a preview of their final files and when the design is finalized, the design must be in print-ready format for the printers for a quick execution and delivery.

6.      Price Differentiation Competencies:

Personalized designs are always priced on the basis of the customization that are done on the design! Thus, when you integrate a design tool into your website, the tool must enable printers to implement price differentiation strategies into their website where they can charge differently from different customers based on the quantity and personalization elements introduced into the design.

If your design tools has all the above-mentioned capabilities, your customers will definitely have a delightful user experience on your platform and you would have a higher conversion rates! Apart from this, the software itself can also be a service offering for the clients where they can just get a finalized design without the need to give a printing order!

While all these capabilities are well suitable for a successful business model, but to ensure that your personalized Face Masks are a success, it is also essential that you provide all the relevant information regarding the face masks with FAQs or in form of product features.

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Few of the questions that must be answered on your website can be the following:

How to Wash your Mask?

This question must be answered both from the design perspective as well as the hygiene perspective. Educate your customers why it is essential to keep the face mask for personal use and why it is essential to sanitize and wash it properly and regularly. You must also provide information on what print colours you use and how to preserve them while washing.

What is the fabric material used in mask?

One other important information that must be provided to the customers is the fabric with which the masks are made. Include the reasons why this fabric was chosen and why it is suitable for the hygienic, comfort and durability purposes.

How to use the mask:

Although it is the design of the mask is that attracts the customers, the primary purpose will always be protection of mouth and nose from contagions and thus, it is essential that you provide a detailed guide on how to wear and remove the mask and also provide information on how to dispose these masks.

Apart from this, you must also provide enough reason to following questions:

  • Do these face masks work?
  • Should everyone wear masks?
  • What are the new rules?
  • What’s the current advice?

The world is moving towards the new normal and while there would be many changes in the buying behavior of the customers, one thing is certain that face masks will become a part of the outdoor attire and in the upcoming years, the design element will triumph the decision making of the customers.

Thus, it is essential that online printers and apparel brands jump the wagon right from the start and integrate their website with a personalized and customized printshop software that can help them to establish this new profitable business model in the market.

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