Why Will You Need Print Business’s Digital Transformation? Upcoming Trends 2021

The Digital Print market is growing at an exponential rate and despite the challenges that the Printing Industry faces due to the global pandemic. The rising demand for digital printing services and various market trends have helped the printing industry break the limitations of geographical boundaries and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.45 from 2021-26!

CAGR for printing

There are a lot of factors that make a Digital Print business a success and as a market leader; we recently did a detailed webinar on the same topic. The webinar is a crunch of our market experience gained from serving 800+ clients from 60+ countries. This blog gives you the key takeaways from the same from the webinar and we bring to you, the upcoming trends of Digital Printing for the year 2021. But before we jump to how to secure your online success as a Digital Printer, we would like to focus on why you need print digitalization and help you make an informed decision.

3 Reasons why you need Print Digital Transformation:

1. All-time access of your business to anyone from anywhere

With an online presence, you can provide your printing services to your customers on the tip of their fingers. Create a mobile-optimized print commerce platform with a mobile-friendly Web-to-print solution and get extensive market reach to your target audience. Whether you wish to cater to multiple states, regions or countries, with the help of a personalized digital platform and an ideal Web-to-print solution, you can reach your audience at minimal preliminary expenses and resources.

2. Constantly growing demand of Print-on-demand model

Whether you have a B2B or a B2C model, customers are looking for a short-term designing and delivery model for the fast-paced market. With the rising adaption of web-to-print solutions, printers can deliver quick design templates; get ready to print output files and fulfill short-term printing demands with Digital printing solutions.

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3. Constantly evolving Web-to-print capabilities

While the conventional business methods still prevail, the increasing capabilities of the Web-to-print solutions are driving the success of the Digital Printing industry. Right from real-time pricing to user-friendly designing experience to complete designing freedom, customers prefer the online platforms over offline business for these capabilities and are using it to place varied customized product designing and printing orders.

Print Digitalization Trends 2021:

1. All-inclusive print platforms with innovative and customer-centric approaches:


In the era of personalization, the success mantra of a digital platform is to deliver what your customers want. Whether it is quick deliveries or high-quality print, whether customers want sustainable and eco-friendly printing or want customized frames, photo books or labels and stickers, the key is to create an all-inclusive platform. To hop on to this trend, you do not have to invest in the machinery, resources and equipments. You can rather collaborate with other printers, allow customers to design their own products with a web-to-print solution, create design templates for a wide product portfolio and outsource the print file to the relevant printer.

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2. Mass Customization (Catering to the customer demand of exclusivity):

Promotions products

With the help of technology solutions such as Web-to-print software, print automation and inkjet digital printing, industries across the globe can adapt to the customization trends and can cater customized products to the mass without compromising on their product quality. For the B2C market, customers are looking for customized cars to customized gifts and apparel and man other such products. For the B2B printers, marketers are looking for customized marketing solutions right from signages to billboards to stickers to banners. Customers are looking for platforms that can empower them to design their own products and gain access to exclusive products. Not only are customers willing to pay more for the same, but they are also willingly promoting these businesses and helping businesses create a positive word of mouth.

3. Social Media Print:

Whether we talk about t-shirts trends or the general custom product market, B2C printers have to cope with the social media trends and capitalize on them. Right from creating design templates of viral social media trends to allowing customers to custom-design their products on their smartphones by downloading images from social media, printers that have integrated social media print models are showing exponential growth and are gaining popularity in the open market.

It all boils down to numbers:

REgional trends

The Asia Pacific region accounts for 35% of the digital print market and North America stands second with 30%. With the increasing adaptation of Digital Printing across the globe, printers are breaking their geographical boundaries and creating a global digital print business. Such is the impact of digital printing that the top 5 Online Print Players of Germany alone registered a whooping 1.7 Billion Euro Revenue from format printing and advertising.

With the constant innovation and technology penetration, these numbers are likely to grow and the future of the Printing Industry will rely majorly on Digital Printing. Thus, as a printer, it is essential to hop on the bandwagon of print digitalization now and the first step for you will be a personalized print commerce platform with an integrated Web-to-print solution!

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