5 Reasons To Run A Successful Online Custom Packaging Business

Imagine receiving a custom packaging box from your favorite online poultry and meat seller with a customer caricature and testimonial on it? Would that not delight you? Absolutely! Licious, an India-based eCommerce brand, does that very well!

When one orders from Licious, they know they will not only consume a fresh food item but also enjoy receiving an attractively packaged box.

Do not be surprised when we tell you the custom box printing and packaging market will be worth $28 billion by 2024. After all — consumers make subconscious buying decisions within the first 90 seconds after coming across a product and how it is packaged.

In fact, 68% believe packaging makes a brand look high-end, and they do not mind spending money on such brands. Businesses have a fantastic opportunity on their hands to make their customers feel special with custom packaging.

That is where online printers can make a huge difference by providing a web2print packaging design software solution for businesses so that they can move away from the same old boring, brown corrugated boxes and market themselves in a more positive light.

Thanks to digital printing, businesses can choose the size of their print order and packaging material, design their boxes using any print-ready templates on the storefront, and even set a budget for the project. This is possible because of web-to-print technology.

But do you want to know five reasons why online custom packaging has become so popular? Here you go:

1. Meeting customer expectations is more straightforward with 100% customizable packaging

happy packaging customer

The eCommerce model of selling has made it extremely simple for businesses from any niche to sell their products or services at scale. This, although it drives higher revenues, has stripped away the layers of specialty that often came with shopping from a specific brand.

Businesses want to fuel the feeling of exclusiveness in their customers, and packaging can help immensely. You can allow such companies to personalize packaging using the best web-to-print packaging box design software.

With access to print-ready, personalized templates, they can design packaging of their liking and as per their brand guidelines.

Moreover, thanks to technology, they do not have to worry about placing voluminous orders. The rise of digital printing and web to print software makes it easier for businesses to purchase small-run printed packaged boxes.

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2. High-quality retail packaging increases perceived brand value

Amazon Story box

In this day and age, competition is rife among businesses, and there is an extreme need for them to stand out as a brand apart from delivering high-quality products or services.

Consumers often recognize a brand from colors and box materials. Your business can carve a niche for itself through an online product packaging design solution.

Remember when Amazon Storyboxes was launched in India to promote inspiring customer testimonials? Besides the written word, each box has a caricature of each customer.

Combine that with Amazon’s impeccable services and product range, and you have yourself a brand that appeals to the masses in every sense.

Using an online product packaging design solution, you can allow your customers to make a name for their brand, generate more revenues, and boost customer loyalty — only because their custom box packaging is attractive and personal. Everyone loves that!

3. Products get safeguarded in an effective (and an appealing) manner


It does not matter what a business sells — they would need packaging for some reason or the other. Moreover, mass ordering is also a pain that costs a lot of money. With the help of a web-to-print software solution, they can design boxes that fit their product offerings better

For instance, they can create corner pieces that keep fragile products secure during transit if they want. Plus, businesses do not have to get a lot of packages personalized and printed. They can do it when they want and how many they want.

4. Customers get the “unboxing” experience of their lifetime


Let us face it — 80% of people experience brand awareness by sight. If they like to “see” a packaged box or how any product has been presented, that brand will earn brownie points. That is why having distinctive custom packaging plays an essential role in boosting brand visibility organically yet quickly.

In fact, the craze for attractive and high-quality packaging is so high that brands are forced to focus on the aesthetics and presentation of their deliveries more than anything else. For instance, durable boxes and bags can be reused by customers.

In addition, influencer marketing has grown exponentially. You might have come across influencers making unboxing videos to talk about the products.

If the packaging is attractive, it is likely to get positive reviews. In a nutshell, if businesses design the packaging well using product packaging design software, their buyers would remember them better and that helps in boosting brand visibility.

5. Packaging will help attract new customers and turn them into raving fans

customized brand packaging

Brand storytelling is often seen as the go-to option for forging a long-term connection with customers. It is not a matter of relaying product information anymore. It is more about building a story and context around it.

As we have studied before — brands such as Licious and Amazon are doing a fantastic job with their packaging. They creatively narrate their customer testimonials. Likewise, there are different ways to talk about the product.

For instance, a business can describe each of their products’ ingredients or talk about how the products are cruelty-free and environment-friendly. They can design eye-catching visuals and insert complementing text to portray the business as more than a manufacturer.

That showcases how much businesses are willing to put in for their customers. This would ultimately have a positive impact on the latter, and they would become long-term fans of the company in an instant. That is the power of packaging.

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Summing it up

Packaging is critical across product verticals. From luxury items and apparel to food and personal care, packaging has the power to influence product perceptions for the better and even instigate impulse buying — which is fantastic for any business trying to sell!

Moreover, digital printing has made all of this possible without worrying about wasting volumes of corrugated boxes and other packaging items. The year 2021 holds a lot of promise, especially in the custom packaging industry.

The consumer demand for sustainability and safety is also at an all-time high. To cater to this and ensure they drive revenues and growth, accessing the web-to-print technology is the right option. It will allow them to design packaging per their growing requirements accordingly. What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks a lot for reading!

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Last updated 27th Sep 2023.

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