Plan Ahead Your Printing Season with Promotional and Commercial Printing

Plan your year-end with the highest sales numbers you’ve ever seen. Your customers need promotional printing – so make sure they don’t go to someone else for it. This blog will list some tips on which products you can pitch to win the sale. Start selling these products online now and you’ll open up a whole new avenue for sales.

December 2019

People mark the end of the year with gifts and incentives. Direct consumers will be looking for unique personalized gifting items and greeting cards with attractive packaging options such as personalized labels and tags for wrapped presents and gift baskets. SME retailers will be needing posters, banners, and flyers to promote their holiday specials. While your corporate customers will be looking for printed materials to use for their end-of-year events e.g. greeting cards to send with company gifts or alone to thank clients in a cost-effective manner, calendars as customer and client gifts and signage for the corporate events. As year-end is the best time of the year to award employees for their hard work and show appreciation, corporates also need greeting cards, mailing materials, labels and more to dress up their gifts and provide season’s greetings in style.

corporate gifting

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January 2020

January marks the fresh start of the year for all. While businesses advertising special offers on their services to encourage customers to try out something new. Many gyms and fitness organizations waive sign-up fees for people hoping to jumpstart their New Year’s resolutions, and stores host special offers to capture customers while they’re in returning any unwanted holiday gifts. So, demand for brochures, banners, flyers and postcards is at an all-time high.


And how can you forget the big football season right around the corner? The NFL wraps up the playoff season in January, making it prime time to prepare for the big game. And demand for brochures and sell sheets for restaurants and pubs hosting playoff events is at all-time high. Along with that rallies and parades add to the high demand for personalized posters and sports goods.

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football supplies

These are only kick-start ideas to plan your printing sales, and you can come up with many unique product offerings based on your target geography, customer base, and local demands. So, don’t be left out! In addition to serving your walk-in customers, start with your online store NOW and delight your customers by offering them the convenience of a self-service online ordering portal to order personalized products and prints from any device, anytime from anywhere.

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