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We are incredibly thrilled to announce the launch of the fourth version of our proprietary All-In-One Web2Print (AIOW2P) software solution.

Ever since we started our journey more than a decade ago, we have endeavored to provide the latest web-to-print technologies for our clients. Keeping up with the momentum, AIOW2P 4.0 has been designed keeping convenience in mind. 

Our web-to-print solution allows all types of companies and professionals to sell printing services easily, from commercial and B2B/B2C printing businesses to packaging manufacturers and marketing organizations to print brokers, trade printers, and graphic designers.

The end customers can easily log in to their account, sift through the desired products, pick any print-ready template to customize it, and place an order without any help from the salesperson or designer for artwork approval.

AIOW2P 4.0 comes loaded with a range of features that will enthrall you and make you want to start your eCommerce businesses. Let us explore in detail:

Advanced Web2Print Technology

latest technology for W2P

The platform has been recorded on JavaScript ES6, making it fully mobile and template compatible, delivering a smooth design experience across devices and browsers. The online web-to-print editor also deploys GraphQL for swift data exchange on the frontend and backend.

Refreshed Look n’ Feel with Modularized Architecture

AIOW2P gets a facelift in the latest version with added functionalities. For instance, unlike the previous versions where merchandize and commercial printing studios were different, there is now only one type of Design Studio for managing all sorts of personalized products.

The aim is to give print customers a seamless shopping experience, reducing the learning curve to use the web-to-print store. More importantly, our latest version of web-to-print designer is designed on an entirely module-based architecture.

This will help our clients upgrade to a new version without worrying about their ongoing operations. They can even migrate it to integrate it with any other system — without losing any web-to-print capabilities or data. Convenience is at the centerfold of AIOW2P 4.0.

Modern and Attractive User Interface

new UI for design studio

If you are looking to offer a Canva-like design experience to your end customers, then our web-to-print online designer will very much attract their attention, for it is easy to use.

As we offer an extensive library of stock photos, fonts, and vector art, we have made it easy for the users to filter the most relevant options through an advanced search capability.

They have to simply type in a keyword in the search bar to only see and choose from suitable options. No more time-consuming browsing! In addition, you can integrate Google Drive, Instagram, Dropbox, and stock photo libraries within the online design editor.

If your end customers have no artwork, they have numerous sources to choose from to add photos to their design.

We are also pleased to tell you that the exclusive UI features of AIOW2P 4.0 include multi-language support with RTL capability, an app-like mobile interface, 3D preview, a quick editing toolbar, variable data printing, and smart and linked fields in design templates.

AIOW2P 4.0 comes with an enhanced form-based editor that now supports more editing options to customize and preview multiple pages and sides of the products, including QR code insertion and arrow-based navigation.

Welcome “Saral Magento Theme”

web to print storetheme

We previously used a Webpixels theme on the storefront that posed many challenges when customizing and testing it. We did not want to rely on any third-party theme, so we decided to build our custom storefront theme called “Saral.”

Not only does it come with industry-specific functionalities, but it also gives our clients complete control over the frontend. Saral can be implemented with Magento Commerce and Cloud versions.

The theme is clean, and every section can be configured from the dashboard. A few homepage features include a blog section, a newsletter subscription banner, blocks for categories, and testimonials. The Saral theme is only available on our online print shop software

A User Experience That Stands the Test of Time

Fast Loading time

AIOW2P boasts of a Google PageSpeed score of 98, and its HTmetric performance rate is close to 100%. The mobile score stands at 60+. We are proud to say that none of the online print designers in the market stand a chance when it comes to our performance levels.

Regarding storefront navigation, we offer top and left options, including text-based search capabilities involving long-tail keywords. We have also upgraded our live quotation feature by sharing more options (such as printed type, paper type, printed side, quantity) to choose from so that the end customers can get accurate quotes and buy accordingly.

In addition, the checkout process is shorter. One can swiftly set personalized products within minutes, thus reducing time and rework.

Game-Changing, Easy Deployment Process

AIOW2P 4.0 is apt for those who are starting their digital commerce journey. Our online design tool studio is built on Magento 2.4.X open-source eCommerce platform and also brings with it a new feature called “auto-deployment.”

For instance, if you give a designated server location, the QA scripts will conduct a health check and then automatically deploy the code on the server. That is how easy it is to implement our web to print solution.

Vital and Comprehensive Integration Capabilities

AIOW2P 4.0 is loosely coupled with the Magento eCommerce storefront, enabling businesses to integrate it with WooCommerce, Shopify, print MIS, ERPs, or other frontend systems using APIs.

The key is to enable 360-degree personalization with a shallow learning curve. Plus, if a business wants to migrate to another solution at a later stage, they can now do so hassle-free thanks to the new web to print storefront solution.

Learn more about Our Latest Release Today! Version 4.4, Version 4.3, Version 4.2, Version 4.1

Are You Ready to Disrupt the Print Market?

We are sure you are! Besides the technological benefits we want businesses to enjoy, we also have a dedicated customer service team that is always ready to help those who get stuck while setting up and running this storefront.

To learn more about us, please head to our YouTube channel or browse through our website. Book a custom demo with us by emailing at [email protected].

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