Make Way For New And Enhanced Features In All-In-One Web2Print V 4.2 Our Flagship Web-To-Print Solution

webtoprint new release launch

Design’N’Buy’s flagship software, AIOW2P, has just been launched with these enhanced features. The world today is changing at a fast pace, so we strive to keep up with this ever-evolving environment by regularly enhancing our offerings.

How has the product been modified? Here is a quick snapshot:

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Color Detection of Images

color detection webtoprint (1)

Have you ever struggled to identify the exact colour of your images or logos? Switching to other websites to find colours. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Our latest update has you covered.

You can upload an image or logo. It can recognize and detect colours and give you option to change that particular colour. In addition, when using the slider controller, the customer can set the pixel value until the desired colour is detected.

The Admin's Images

Customer service is of the utmost importance to you and it is of the utmost importance to us. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the comfort of all. Admins can now make any “Admin Album” public (accessible to all customers in the design studio) from the backend. 

An admin can make albums public for a specific store view as well. Hence you’ll be able to cater your customer with your favorite image library.

Quantity Product Pricing

pricing webtoprint

Our algorithm has been updated to make it more convenient for you. Pricing can now be displayed based on the quantity selected, for example, 100, 200, 500, etc. By the selected quantity, the “Unit Price” and “Printing Cost” will be divided and displayed separately.

A Choice Of Opacity For The Element

The opacity setting applies transparency to the samples in the input image. Like a hot knife in butter, you can now change the transparency of the input. In both the design studio and the output file, there is an option to adjust element opacity.

The Job PDF

job pdf webtoprint

The management of job roles has been simplified. It is possible to download a PDF version of the job sheet that contains the QR code. So that workers may scan the QR code with their mobile devices and scanners to identify the next step in the process, they must use a QR code scanner device.

Packaging Product Template

design template for packaging

50+ packaging product templates from different and most famous industries have been added to the template repository. Eg. Cosmetic, food, perfume, electronics etc. These fresh and creative designs can enhance your library and be of significant use to your customers.

An administrator has the option of assigning the default template to custom-size packaging boxes, as well as creating and assigning templates for different sizes of packaging boxes. Customers have the option of changing the template in the design studio and modifying the template there as well.

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Curious to Learn More ?

Aside from the features listed here, there are many more to discover. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about the newly updated edition of our flagship software All-in-one W2P software. To book your demo, click here!

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