A world of new possibilities now opens with Product Configurator feature in All-in-one Web2Print Software

new features in web to print

Why do we keep upgrading our Web-to-Print Solution?

Software development is an ever-evolving process, and we keep gathering our customer’s feedback on any ongoing issues they are facing while using our web-to-print solution or if they need any new features to further grow their online business.

In addition, our team also does active research and demand analysis so that we are aware of market demand and can offer futuristic solutions to our customers.  

As a result of this, in every 6 months an upgrade is defined and released to our customers.

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What is new in All-in-One Web2Print 4.1?

With All-in-One Web2Print V4.1, we are introducing the product configurator design tool using which buyers can create their own version of any given product, design an artwork on it for printing, preview and order online.

In addition, version 4.1 also includes some minor upgrades in features and bug resolutions.

What is the application of this latest feature?

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“Made to Order” or “Layered Products” are the new sensation in the personalization space. Buyers now want something they’ve never seen before by creating their own iconic products. 

Such products are produced on-demand for each individual buyer as per his choice and delivered. The most common made-to-order products are sports jerseys, shoes etc.

Product configurator allows store owners to setup such “Made to Order” products like sports uniform, shoes, bags, or others with two or more configurable parts. 

For example, a sports jersey can have different parts or layers like neck, chest, sleeves as well as zip with a choice of pre-defined materials and colors for buyers to choose from.

The demand for “Made to Order” products is at all time high because of the great enthusiasm of prospective consumers, a large established network of e-commerce, and the great technological capabilities for manufacturing even single quantity orders.

Is it easy for anyone to setup made-to-order products?

Setting up “Made to Order” products is easy for store administrators. 

  • Admin just needs to create a product preview image for each visible side of the product and upload it. 
  • Now for each visible side, the admin needs to upload images of each configurable part or layer as transparent PNG. 
  • For each part, the admin can define the available materials and colors to choose from. 
  • Finally, the admin can mark the design area(s) where buyers would be allowed to create artwork for printing.   

That’s it.

Once any customer buys a “Made to Order” product, the admin gets the order details with an XML file that mentions details of customer choice for each configurable part of the product and a print-ready artwork file for printing.

Wrapping up

All-in-one Web2Print software is one of the most user-friendly web-to-print solutions as it makes it fun to design and order personalized products. 

Its user experience has been designed keeping in mind that online buyers can be amateurs or non-designers and no one should need training to personalize and order products available on the website. 

If you are interested to explore AIOW2P and its new feature, schedule a demo with one of our experts! To book your demo, click here!

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