DesignO Launches on PrestaShop! Download the module to introduce customization to Online Stores!

designO on prestashop

Those who serve the e-commerce market understand that progress is all about leaving no markets untapped. With the vision of creating DesignO omnipresence, our API-driven design tool is now available on PrestaShop.

After BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento, DesignO customization tool that can empower print store owners to sell customized print, products and packaging is now available on PrestaShop. 

All they have to do is download the tool and integrate it with their PrestaShop e-commerce stores.

To help businesses understand better, here are some details about DesignO, its capabilities and the functionalities that it provides to store owners.

What is DesignO?

DesignO is a web-to-print and web-to-pack solution that helps businesses in automating and optimize their business processes. With modules like order management, store management, a centralized dashboard and an intuitive design studio, DesignO gives PrestaShop store owners seamless operations and product customization capabilities.

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    How does a PrestaShop store with an integrated DesignO tool work?

    3 Steps for prestashop integration

    To put it on a statement, integrating DesignO tool is just 3 steps; download, upload and sell! Created with a user-friendly approach, integrating and using the DesignO tool on the PrestaShop store is made convenient for the store owners.

    So, for online B2B and B2C businesses to get automation, customization and optimization capabilities, all they have to do is:

    1. Download and integrate the DesignO tool
    2. Populate the tool with product SKUs and define the design areas that customers can work on
    3. Enable the “Customize” button on the e-commerce platform and invite your customers to get their personalized products

    What capabilities does a PrestaShop Store owner get after integrating DesignO?

    1. Centralized Store management:

    DesignO Dashboard image

    Centralize, localize and manage multiple storefronts from a single intuitive platform with a personalized dashboard. From the information available in local languages to managing and tracking orders from one single screen, DesignO makes the business processes seamless.

    2. Real-time job updates:

    DesignO comes with a comprehensive job calendar that provides real-time updates about every order to the store owners. Not only can businesses gain insight about all the orders that there are in the pipeline, but they can also communicate and do the necessary delegation of the task to the team members with the built-in chat assistance.

    3. Best-in-class design studio:

    Businesses can empower their end customers to design their own customized products from the scratch or with pre-designed templates. Get brand-centric customization options such as logo, text, fonts and other artwork creation capabilities with icons, images and clipart. 

    All this and more such as supported printing methods, print-ready output files, detailed PDF and XML files and other such functionalities.

    4. Extend your product portfolio:

    business materials

    From marketing collaterals like banners, stickers, business cards and others to products like Mugs, T-shirts, shoes and personalized merchandise such as packaging materials, photo albums and books, DesignO works for all!

    Just define your design areas or upload various design templates for quick orders and increase your product portfolio along with sales in little to no time.

    Who can thrive by integrating DesignO?

    who can use designo

    Any business that has the capabilities to provide customized products or businesses that wish to introduce customization capabilities to their business can thrive with DesignO. 

    Right from automating your design functionality to seamlessly integrating your business processes, DesignO is an irreplaceable asset for businesses that wish to provide personalized products to their customers.

    Connect with us to know more:

    For those who wish to explore more about DesignO tool and its capabilities on the PrestaShop, connect with us at [email protected] or call us at +1-347-647-9799 and our experts will help you with a seamless and hassle-free integration of DesignO.

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