Get More Business with Customized New Year Calendars & Welcome 2024!  

Custom calendar printing guide

2023 is about to take over and we all wish for new beginnings and things to happen while entering a brand new year. 

Guess what? There’s something new in the market and you too can take advantage of it. Everyone’s up for getting their calendar customized. What are you waiting for? Prepare for a greater start to the year by offering a customized calendar. 

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Wondering how to do that? Here’s an ultimate guide for you.

A Calendar of Customer’s Choice

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We underestimate the calendar thinking that who uses it in today’s times when a smartphone is there to do the job. Well, it is quite the opposite.

 Even though we have smartphones and Google calendars, the demand for printed calendars is still up as homes and corporate cannot do without them.

In times when we are constantly running errands and jobs, it becomes difficult to remember important days for which the calendar comes to rescue where we mark important events and other reminders. 

Earlier there was no choice but to bring home whatever calendar is available in the market which usually was the boring numbers printed on pages but now, times have changed.

Due to the digitalization in the print industry and various web-to-print solutions available at our ease, calendars can be customized as per one’s choice and needs which is why it is highly in demand in corporates as they can customize it for their brand identity.

So, from the traditional wall calendar that adds to home decor, as a gift for friends and families, to a promotional desk display for corporates that reflects their brand image and offers great exposure and name recognition all year round, a calendar is needed everywhere by everyone and you in the coming year 2024 can offer them the freedom to customize it as they want with a calendar customization tool.

Presenting you a guide about how a custom online calendar printing software will help you create eye-catching calendar designs and allow your customers to mark their special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and events in an attractive and innovative manner.

Now, since not all calendars are the same and are made according to the purposes, there are various types of it which we will discuss in detail below.

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Types of Calendars and Ways You Can Offer Customization in It

There’s a calendar for everyone and of every nature. For example, one can customize a calendar for home decor purposes with family or pet images, for kids with cute cartoon characters and funny numbers, for corporates with their achievements and brand images, for gifting purposes with personalized quotes and images, and so on.

Calendars come in different types and shape all of which can be customized. Although, the three major or standard types of calendars are the following.

1. Wall Calendars

personalized wall calendar

Home or corporate, wall calendars brighten up both with their presence. By offering customization, you will give your customers the power to turn the typical wall calendars into an interesting piece of attraction by altering the number and sizes of pages to add photos and text. 

You can also provide them with options to opt for high gloss or matte paper to display their photos in high definition.

If you are already into business and need to catch more attention, then include an option where a customer can create a double-page wall calendar with a full-color printed photo on the top page and months on a separate page below along with their name, logo, and branding. 

This will strike an impression in customers’ minds such that it will stay forever.

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2. Personalized Desk Calendars

personalized desk calendar

There will be hardly any workspace without a desktop calendar. Be it at home or office desk, tabletop calendars are of great significance as they are a convenient way of marking important days and reminders.

Thus, with customization features, you can permit your users to turn such desktop calendars into excellent marketing tools by adding a company’s name, logo, and other identification and get golf of the viewers’ attention to the fullest and finest.

3. Stitched or Binded Calendars


More than the design and appearance of the calendar, it’s the right binding that ensures the functionality and physical integrity of calendars. Generally, the wall calendar is saddle stitched in which single sheets of paper that are printed on both sides, collated into a page number order, are folded in half and stapled together and the edges are trimmed to the desired finished size. 

It is the cheapest, easiest, and most professional option, whose turnaround time is also very quick.

Whereas in wire and spiral binding, a metal coil and a durable plastic loop are passed through a row of punched holes respectively, at the edge of the printed piece. 

Both make the turning of calendar pages effortless, as they can be folded or wrapped back on themselves in a 360-degree movement without causing any tearing or ripping.

Now that you know all about calendars, types, and their nature, let’s understand what customization benefits you can offer your customers.

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The Ultimate Guide for Customizing the 2024 Calendar

custom calendars

First of all, to begin with, the customization, you need a dynamic Photo Calendar Making Software that will help you give your customers all the calendar customization needs. 

Integrating a Custom Photo Calendar Making Tool into your print store will help you in wooing your customers and encourage them to customize their calendars as they like, without any hassle and effort.

By using such a smart and innovative web-to-print solution called photo calendar designer software, your customers can then completely customize their calendar from head to toe, meaning they can change its size, shape, color, design, pattern, text, style, etc.

With various pre-loaded clipart and templates available in the software, your customers can enjoy using them to customize a calendar based on their requirements. 

Be it a calendar for kids, living room, office, or any other, customization is easier and fun when done using Photo Calendar Design Software and that’s exactly what you need or are missing in your storefront right now.

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Where To Get a Calendar Customization Tool?

When you step into the market you might come across various calendar customization tools but, while some might not fall in your budget, others may lack some features for which you might be required to pay extra. 

Also, the integration of the same into your existing print store may take longer than expected and the compatibility issues may haunt you further.

With Design’N’Buy, everything falls into its place. Our web-to-print solutions are made with excellent compatibility that integrating into your print store, as well as installing it is like a piece of cake. 

If worried about pricing then guess what it’s affordable and comes with no hidden or extra charges later.

In a nutshell

Calendars are necessary but they don’t have to be boring. You can break that stereotype and make it look creative and attractive with the help of a calendar customization tool and impress your customers and clients with a stunning-looking calendar of 2024. 

So hurry, go get your tool and prepare to welcome the New Year in a stylish way!
*This post has been updated on Dec 2023.

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