Introducing All-in-One Web2Print 5.0: An Enhanced Upgrade Tailored for Corporate Printers and Brand Portals

all in one web2print latest release 5.0

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest advancement in web-to-print technology – All-in-One Web2Print 5.0!

This upgrade is specifically designed to assist printer service providers in enabling businesses to manage and order printed materials and marketing collateral through their online platform. It’s a technology and service that caters specifically to the needs of business or corporate clients, allowing them to streamline their print procurement and customization processes.

From commercial printers and B2B printers to trade printers, marketing agencies, graphic designers, and beyond, this upgraded software invites various entities to seamlessly transition their operations from manual to automated. This shift signifies a change in the perception of web-to-print – it’s not just for the benefit of the printer but also for the printer’s customers.

What sets the web to print software apart is its simplicity of implementation, scalability, and customization. Designed to align perfectly with unique business needs and budgetary considerations, it offers limitless integration possibilities with any third-party systems.

All-in-One Web2Print Software: 3 Major Enhancements and Features

Now, let’s delve into the three major enhancements and features that promise to redefine the web-to-print experience:

Business-to-Business (B2B) Web2Print Storefronts:

AIOW2P introduces a powerful B2B web2print solution that empowers printers to setup exclusive and white-labeled web to print storefronts for each of their corporate customers, directly from the admin panel.

B2B module is especially valuable to serve businesses with multiple locations, distributed marketing teams, or complex branding requirements. It provide corporate customers a  convenient and efficient way to manage and order printed materials across the organization while maintaining brand consistency.

Unlike traditional B2C stores, each B2B store functions as a private store and can be customized for individual corporate account with branded home page, exclusive product catalog, design templates, pricing and payment modes. Each corporate store can be configured with multiple locations/departments, with a location/department head appointed for each. Additionally, to maintain brand consistency and quality control, it incorporates an approval workflow. This means that customized designs may need to be approved by a designated location head or administrator before they are sent for printing.

Enhanced Template Builder:

Template Building Data Input type

In this version of AIOW2P, we have enhanced the template builder application to provide administrators and graphic designers with better control over the editable content of design templates. When creating a template for any product, the admin user can determine the level of personalization allowed for end users or buyers and can adjust the properties of all editable elements within the design accordingly.

For instance, when configuring an editable template for a corporate business card, the admin can lock the logo, brand colors, and font for text elements, ensuring that all branding elements remain unchanged. Corporate users can then only modify the text to create personalized cards when placing orders. The new template builder offers improved control over design elements, including the ability to lock/unlock editing of various properties, auto-resizing, and suppression based on specific conditions.

Form-Based Quick Editor:

web to print form based editor

In this release, we are deprecating the earlier version of quick Editor that was an inline implementation within the product details page itself. It has many limitations like increased complexity on product details page, space for limited editing fields and divided attention on personalization and buying actions (add-to-cart or request-quote). Hence, we have implemented an all-new form based quick editor module that carries on the comfort of quick editing, but also gives lots of other benefits to the PSPs when they need to offer limited editing or personalization options for specific set of products or to specific set of customers.

Form based Quick Editor, packed with new features to enhance the design and personalize experience. It is ideal for personalizing any product that needs limited editing options for text and images. It works well for products with limited design areas. It’s a very hands-on tool for mobile users to customize products and order on the go. Also, Ideal for corporate customers with more controls on keeping the branding elements locked while allowing editing only certain text and image fields in a controlled manner.

All-In-One Web-to-Print 5.0: Bridging the Gap Between B2C and B2B Markets

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In summary, with release of version 5.0, All-In-One Web2print Software is now a complete web-to-print solution that caters to both B2C and B2B markets but is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each. B2C web-to-print focuses on simplicity and personalization for individual consumers, while B2B web-to-print emphasizes brand consistency, control, and efficiency for businesses and organizations.

B2C & Corporate Printing: Growing Your Business by Facilitating Brand-Consistent Print Ordering

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