Top 15 Best-Selling Large Format Printing Products to Boost Your Web To Print Store Profits This Expo Season

Top 15 Best-Selling Wide Format Printed Products for Your Expo Season Success

Large format printing offers a wealth оf profitable possibilities for online print shops. The upcoming expo season іs prime time tо leverage this by stocking your web to print store with popular products that draw customers and boost revenue.

Not sure where tо start? 

Look nо further! Here, we explore 15 оf the best-selling large format printing products tо stock your shelves (or online store!) for the busy expo season.

Researching What Sells

While we’ll delve into specific products, it’s always wise to conduct your own research. Take a look at popular online marketplaces to see what types of large format prints are trending.

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15 Must-Know Best-Selling Large Format Printing Products for Expo Season

These 15 best-selling products will turn your online store into a wide-format printing powerhouse:

15 Must-Have Large Format Printed Products for Your Expo Season

1. Flyers

Perfect for highlighting special offers, discounts and contests, flyers help draw attention to booth locations. Hence, they are a must in your web-to-print store.

2. Canvas Prints

Stretched canvas prints, especially in gallery wrap style with images printed around edges, are coveted for wall art. By offering a variety of canvas materials like cotton and poly-cotton, you can further attract large buyers. 

3. Banners

Vinyl banners are ideal for events and promotions. Vinyl banners are perfect for events and promotions. Go the extra mile with custom sizing, grommets, and dye sublimation for vibrant colors that make a lasting impression.
Personalization with Banner Design Software

Adding banner design software offers additional flexibility and personalization, enabling you to create visually appealing designs that effectively communicate your message.

4. Wall Decals

Trendy and removable, wall decals cater to various spaces. Offering individual decals as well as multi-piece wall art kits on your online print shop will be even more profitable. 

5. Signage

From yard and real estate signs to vehicle wraps, signage offers diverse profit opportunities, especially with online design tools that allow customisation.

DesignO designer studio

Integrating signage design software enhances your offerings, allowing clients to personalize signs easily and keeping your business ahead in the market.

6. Brochures

The most-selling print product as it is one of the best marketing tools for businesses, brochures can multifold your sales. Make sure to offer a variety of options like tri-fold, bi-fold, and rack card brochures enhanced with QR codes that will fulfill both the purpose of business i.e. drive visitors to their website and provide them necessary information about the company.

7. Postcards

With eye-catching designs on one side and essential information on the other, postcards which are often considered as an old school thing, actually work as effective promotional materials today, which is why companies hand them out at booths or in mail in advance to pre-registered attendees. Hence they are important in expos so make sure you put them up on your online print shop. 

8. Posters

One of the most popular large format print products, posters are versatile in size and paper types and are ideal for promotions and decor, attracting a wide audience.
poster design

Utilizing poster design software can further enhance creativity and customization, 
ensuring your posters stand out effectively.

Apart from these must-have wide format printing products, there are a few others as well that make a great addition during expos and hence by putting them up on your web to print store you can gain additional sales and they are;

9. Table Throws/Covers and Window Graphics

Custom-printed table covers and printed graphics or decals for windows, doors, or glass surfaces to promote products, events, or branding.

10. Textile Printing

Provide custom apparel like t-shirts, bags, hats and fabric prints for trade show booths/displays. With the assistance of textile printing software, we ensure seamless customization and high-quality prints, empowering businesses to make a lasting impression at trade shows and events.

11. Photo Printing

Offer photo panels, collages, books, and albums. Stay ahead of the curve this Expo Season by offering these must-have photo printing products in your online print shop.

photo book software

Integration of user-friendly 
photo book software to empower your customers, allowing them to effortlessly craft personalized photo books.

12. Promotional Giveaways

Branded pens, magnets, coffee mugs, water bottles, keychains, buttons, all customized with brand image and texts for booth visitors to build brand awareness.

13. Trade Show Booth Backdrops

Large printed backdrops that showcase everything about the brand to enhance visibility and professionalism. 

14. Floor Graphics

Printed decals or stickers that can be applied to floors, which are often used by businesses for wayfinding, branding, or advertising at events or expos.

label design software

Enhance your offerings by integrating sticker design software, enabling your customers to customize their decals with ease and effectively communicate their message.

15. Pop-Up Displays

Custom-printed table covers and printed graphics or decals for windows, doors, or glass surfaces to promote products, events, or branding.

Why Focus on These Best Selling Wide Format Printing Products?

Focusing on top-selling products simplifies marketing and increases the likelihood of repeat business.  Always prioritize exceptional quality, a wide range of customization options, and outstanding customer service. The large format printing business has experienced significant popularity and profitability over the years due to several key factors like;

Why Focus on These Best Selling Wide Format Printed Products

1. Growing Demand

Advertising, retail, events, and interior décor businesses and more almost all types of industries are now more into eye-catching visuals as they make them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

2. Diverse Applications

Its versatility has expanded its range of applications allowing print shops to cater to various client needs, expanding their market reach and revenue streams.

3. Advancements in Technology

Latest innovative technologies such as UV printing, eco-solvent inks, AI-powered design tools, and dye-sublimation have not only enhanced print quality, durability, and speed, but have made the entire wide-format printing industry more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective. 

4. Customization and Personalization

From personalized banners for events to custom wall graphics for offices, the ability to personalize prints adds value and drives profitability. With the integration of large format printing software, wide-format printing has made it possible for individuals and businesses to fulfill their desire for acquiring customized prints.  

5. Profit Margins

Compared to traditional printing methods, wide format printing has high profit margins due to factors such as larger print sizes, premium substrates, and specialized finishing options that make it an attractive business. 

6. Longevity and Durability

Since wide-format prints are often designed for outdoor use and are built to withstand various environmental conditions, print shops can charge premium prices for them and generate higher profits.

Visual communication and branding is given highest priority by brands today and hence the demand for wide-format prints is expected to remain strong and grow further presenting ample opportunities in the future as well. 

Top 10 Large Format Printers

Get a comprehensive overview оf the best large format printers іn 2024, and complete comparison with prices
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Wrapping Up

Expos or not, large format prints are always in demand not only among businesses but also schools, weddings, etc., as well. Hence, putting them up along with customisation benefits with the help of relevant web to print software can not only help you offer in-demand high-quality large format prints to your customers but also can substantially help expand your customer base as well as sales across the globe. 

So, go gear up your wide format print shop with all necessary web to print software today. 

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