Boosting Print Sales: Expert Insights from Kelly Mallozzi

Kelly Mallozzi interview with designnbuy

Are you finding it tough to keep up with the ever-changing world of ecommerce? It seems like every day, businesses are trying new approaches to meet customer needs.

One of the main reasons for declining sales is a lack of understanding of what customers really want. This often leads to poor planning and ineffective sales strategies, resulting in lower sales and unhappy customers.

But don’t worry; you can turn things around with a fresh print sales strategy. The key is in sales and marketing tactics that not only address customer concerns but also present your products as solutions.

In this 9th interview of series of “Interview with Print Experts”, we’ll tap into Kelly Mallozzi’s extensive experience in the print industry. 

Tips From Kelly Mallozzi to Increase Print Sales in 2024

We’ll discuss how to improve sales in the print business, focusing on creating effective messages and emphasizing the importance of print in modern marketing.

Q: Who is Kelly Mallozzi

I grew up and lived in the Midwest, and then moved to Connecticut eight years ago. I’ve spent the last 30 years in the printing industry in sales, sales management, and consulting. My major claim to fame is founding and skating in a women’s roller, derby league, and I have two sets of twins.

2. How do you approach sales training and coaching for print businesses, and what are some common challenges you help them overcome?

Sales training and coaching in the print industry is all about making sure that people create processes in messaging that are meaningful to brands and companies that use print. Using all the tools available to engage, educate, and entertain our audiences is crucial. Messaging that manages to get a Cross that we are here to help and that print is a crucial part of the marketing supply chain is more important than ever.

3. What advice would you give to printers who are struggling to scale their sales?

Ironically, my advice would be to stop selling and start engaging. Being able to establish yourself as a subject matter expert, someone that people can trust, is the most important thing today. Using social media, your website, email, and even the US mail to show how print helps companies is the most important thing.

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4. Do you suggest web-to-print/online portal-led sales as a strategy to your customers while you coach them?

I absolutely believe that web to print portal solutions are a very important part of engaging, especially with larger brands and companies that are trying to manage collateral across geographies. 

With buyers becoming younger and younger, the ability to sell print-on-demand products and services online is essential.

5. Sales Person Led Growth or Online Web-to-Print Led Growth Which would be the game changer in coming years for printers?

My answer to this question is that it really depends. Sales people need to have the confidence to intelligently discuss how and why web to print solutions would benefit companies. It isn’t really necessarily a good fit for every single organization. 

What sales people need today is motivation, strategy, support, and confidence. If they have something of value to say to people, and they apply a process with diligence, they will succeed. If those things are not present, it will be way more difficult.

6. What sales strategy do you suggest for B2B Printers serve to corporate clients?

In order to be successful in the BTOB space, people need to know how to qualify a prospect. Being able to identify whether a company is a good fit for them and whether it will be a profitable worthwhile company is crucial. 

They need to be able to ask insightful questions, even challenge the status quo, and make sure that they are getting across that. They are all about solutions and not just making a sale.

Increase Online Print Sales fast with These Tactics

To summarize, sales today is all about engagement. Sometimes those conversations may seem like they’re happening one way, and sometimes it feels like shouting into the abyss, but it is a must to use social media, make sure that your website is amazing, and that your messaging and your process are on lock. Success will come when you have a specific, marketing and sales strategy that seeks to educate, entertain and engage your audiences.

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