Common Challenges To Wide Format Printing: How Can Web to Print Solve These Challenges?

8 wide format printing challenges to solve

With wide-format printing comes a wide number of challenges such as fast turnaround times, enlarged customization area, accurate print estimations, delivery, and so on but with web-to-print solutions in town, overcoming these barriers is no big deal.

Want to know how? Let’s understand how web-to-print solutions prove to be a game-changer for wide-format printing.

What is Wide Format Printing?

bill board wide format printing

One can easily decode it from the name itself that wide format printing means large-sized digital printing like banners, posters, cardboard standees, billboards, point of purchase displays, wall and floor graphics, trade show signage, etc., that are used by all sizes and types of businesses today for their advertising and marketing purposes.

Where we think printing has become old-fashioned in the digital world, the wide format printing business is multi-folding. 

There is no doubt that wide-format printing is one of the fastest-growing markets in the digital printing industry today.

wide format printing forecast
In fact, according to the experts and research papers, the global wide-format printer market size which was valued at $9.15 billion in 2020, is now projected to reach $13.70 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 4.2% from 2021 to 2030.

This segment of the print industry is still experiencing high levels of technological development and is developing a variety of new applications through the use of new substrates, inks, and marking technologies.

Packaging, interior decor, soft signage, garment, and fabric printing, and a wide range of customers, in addition to the established markets for signage and display graphics, have created new opportunities.

The process of taking digitally generated artwork and printing it to large-sized substrates is not an easy job. It requires advanced machinery, materials, and technologies. 

Where traditional printing has a maximum size of around SRA2 (450mm x 640mm) and you can only use common materials like paper for printing, wide format printing machines can print up to around 3m x 2m, on to dozens of different substrates on to over 50 different materials such as vinyl, cloth, glass, wood, foam board, corrugated plastic, metal, etc.

Now, wide-format printing already has to overcome various challenges like bulk and last-minute ordering, managing shipping, fast turnaround, etc., along with that, customers today want customization in it which can only be achieved with an innovative tool like web-to-print software.

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Why Aren’t More Printers Using Web-to-Print?

Despite the smashing success of web-to-print, many printers are still hesitating from turning their online shop into a web-to-print store due to a variety of reasons. 

Firstly, they have a notion that it is an unnecessary expense. Do some believe that since customers’ preferences keep changing, why invest in a long-term solution like web-to-print and waste money?

Secondly, many printers are unaware of the full potential of web-to-print which can do a lot more than just offer customization tools to the users like print workflow automation, job calendar, order management, etc.

Many also fear that it’s something technical and hence will be difficult to use. Whereas, in contrast, it is so simple and easy to use that anyone with no design or tech experience can easily use it without any external help. 

Another reason why some printers still haven’t leveraged the outstanding benefits of the web-to-print solution is that they think that it cannot be integrated into their existing store and that they have to rebuild their entire store.

There are also a few printers who believe web-to-print is not for B2B businesses whereas it’s for all types and sizes of business. Also, many are still managing a lot many things of print business manually due to which, are lacking a lot behind when they can leverage the workflow automation of web-to-print.

So, due to such silly reasons, many printers are still wasting their precious time by not integrating the web-to-print solution into their store when they can use it to beat their competitors and achieve great success and profit.

Top 8 Challenges in the Wide Format Printing Business: Strategies to Overcome

1. Bulk/multiple, streamlined, and efficient order management

One of the biggest challenges wide-format printing faces is in order management because wide-format printing means the prints are larger than life and any kind of order be it multiple, bulk, and especially last-minute become pretty difficult to handle manually but with web-to-print, it can be managed like a pro.

You can say goodbye to handling paper-based requests for wide-format print orders especially when they are in large numbers because, with web-to-print software, you will receive orders electronically which becomes easy to manage and maintain without any confusion and errors.

2. Less production time and faster turnaround

Customers are turning impatient day by day and they want everything instant, quickly, and of high quality which often becomes difficult for a print business to offer.

To meet the ‘right now’ expectation of customers and the need for 70% of wide format print jobs to be fulfilled within 48 hours of the time they are placed, web-to-print has become the saviour because it offers faster turnaround with less production time, unlike traditional printing which takes the longest particularly when it comes to wide-format printing.     

3. Shorter print run and high productivity

wide format printing packaging

With web-to-print software, wide-format printing won’t take much printing time as it takes in traditional wide-format printing. Hence your print runs will be shorter which therefore will give you ample time to take extra print orders means you will get higher productivity.

4. Reduced labour and operational cost

Since in traditional printing a lot of manpower is required it goes without saying how much labour and operational cost you might have spent already. With web-to-print solution and the perks that it comes along with, you can save a lot of time, money, and resources which are usually way higher in wide-format printing.

Since most of the print workflow can be automated, you don’t have to take the load of managing a huge workforce or pay them unnecessarily.

5. Minimized inventory carrying cost

The challenge of storing print supplies and the cost you are required to pay for it both gets eliminated because by converting into a print-on-demand store using web-to-print solutions, you will be able to save the inventory carrying cost as in digital printing you can print any design anytime when the demand arises.

6. Enhanced customer experience and repeat sales

happy printign customer

Customer satisfaction is the biggest challenge for all businesses and guess what? With web-to-print, enhanced customer experience is guaranteed. No customer doesn’t like product customization and when they have that option even in wide-format printing, customers will flock in and will keep ordering again and again.

We have provided useful tips on How Design’N’Buy Helps Print Companies to Grow Sales in our Blog article to help you make the right knowledge.

7. Shipping and order fulfilment

Shipping and fulfilment is not an easy job in wide-format printing but is not impossible either. Several on-demand third-party integrations are available with the web-to-print solution, including fulfilment partners such as Cimpress, Sanmar, 4over, etc. via which you can easily overcome this challenge.

The web-to-print solution also allows you to automatically outsource jobs to external drop-ship vendors and handle your order fulfilment with little effort and without manual intervention.

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8. Print Workflow Management

Any kind of errors, the need for reprinting, in wide-format printing turns out to be a great expense because it will create a lot of unnecessary waste of time, money, and resources which is yet another biggest challenge.

So, effective print workflow management is important which you will get with web-to-print. From quotation workflow, print order, artwork approval, job sheet management, drop-ship vendor assignment, and production to shipment, every part of print production can be carried out smoothly, efficiently, and without any error using the web-to-print solution.

How to Implement Web to Print into Wide Format Business?

You might have understood by now that integrating the web-to-print solution into your wide-format printing business will help you gain maximum efficiency and profit and to do that all you have to do is to approach an experienced web-to-print solution provider like us Design’N’Buy to know more about our solution for the wide format printing business and the possibilities of having it integrated with your existing store or a new web-to-print solution.

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