9 Best Label Design ideas in 2024

9 label design ideas printers should know

Haven’t we all heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but seldom do we follow it, especially when it comes to the packaging of products that are newly introduced in the market.

There are hundreds of new products that are rolled out on the shelves every other day and among a plethora of available options, it can often be a task to make your product stand out amongst the rest of its competitors.

Once you have a new product ready, the most important step thereafter is designing your label and designing it perfectly to the T so that when a customer walks down the aisle facing limitless choices, it is yours that catches their attention. 

Having a sticker or a label on your product is not enough unless they are effective at their job and fortunately for you, it doesn’t have to be complicated, just creative enough to have a recall value in the minds of the customers. 

With multiple variations being opted for by manufacturers and brands, printers must be fully equipped with the technological advancements for printing product label designs, the templates being used frequently, as well as be aware of the technical know-how to elevate their portfolios and enhance lead generation by attracting customers.

Key Elements of an Effective Label Design

Interactive labels

Now that you are assured that creativity is the key incentive that can tempt customers, some of the important elements of your label design that will engage them include-

Product name: 

Product name must be the most visible point on the product label.

Brand logo:

This is especially important for established brands that launch new products, as brand goodwill adds credibility.

Design elements:

The overall visual representation of your product including all texts, images and elements.

Description and details:

 necessary information that the customers should know about the product to make a sound buying decision including tracking details, allergy information (if any), nutritional value (if any), how-to-use instructions, price, manufacturing and expiry details and contact information.

9 Product Label Design Ideas Stand Out On The Shelf [and Sell More]!

While there are no set rules on what should and shouldn’t go on your labels, there are some strategies that you can follow that have proven to be more effective than others and have helped boost sales in the larger scheme of things.

Lucky for you, we have decoded the latest label design ideas of 2024 that will help you shine on the shelf-

1. Minimalism all the way

Minimalism all the way

Something is ever-so-pleasing about simple and clean label designs with limited color platelets, neat lines, bold typography and an air of sophistication that catches the eye. If the product is for an audience that believes in ‘less is more’,  then minimalism is the mantra to be followed.

2. Sustainable and Eco-friendly designs

Sustainable and Eco-friendly designs

With consumers’ growing awareness and consciousness to become sustainable in their lifestyle, they tend to look for products that incorporate the values of eco-friendly living in their labeling and packaging. Creating packaging and products that can be reused and recycled, and highlighting this factor on the labels can go a long way in creating an impactful recall value for the product.

3. Playing with typography

Playing with typography

Go for bold typographies with white empty spaces if that fits the product as white spaces add to the legibility of the label, giving it a de-cluttered aesthetic. It can elevate the design quotient of the product to efficiently highlight essential facts and information.

4. Using colours and Gradients

Adding color to the product label can also grab attention just as quickly if you use the right colors or a combination of them. When playing with colors, make sure to use the right contrasts for the text and the graphics and do not let the product look chaotic. A concept that can help with choosing the right colors for the packaging is the idea of color psychology while considering the target audience and the purpose of the product or service.

5. Interactive labels

If your label interacts with your customers in varied ways, it is more likely to have a greater impact on them. Unlike regular graphics, interactive labeling, such as generated dynamic QR codes to scan or scratch off labels, is a growing trend. is a growing trend with QR codes to scan or scratch off labels. These can also be leveraged for social media marketing and create an interaction between the brand and the customers.

6. Personalised Labels

personalised labels

Personalisation is another trend that invites customers to create labels with their names or other messages that add custom value to the product. Nutella is one of the biggest examples of this trend and saw a surge in their sales when it allowed customers to create their labels on the Nutella jars.

7. The use of special effects

special effect labels

Spot UV Finishes:

Spot UV Finishes are a popular choice for enhancing the appearance and protection of labels. This process can create various effects and textures on the label’s surface, providing aesthetic appeal and protective properties. One of the significant advantages of spot UV finishes is their ability to create contrasting patterns or highlight specific areas of the label. By applying gloss print on certain graphics or text, companies can make them stand out and catch the eye.

This technique is particularly useful for emphasizing logos, brand names, or important visual elements. Additionally, spot UV finishes can be used to create textured or tactile effects, adding depth and interest to the label’s design.


Play Video about Emboss product labesl

Embossing is a technique that adds a three-dimensional effect to labels, making text and graphics physically stand out from the surface. This tactile quality not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a unique texture that can’t be achieved through regular printing methods. Embossing allows you to apply a pattern across the entire label, creating an interesting and distinctive look.

This textured pattern adds depth and sophistication to the label, making it visually appealing and engaging to the touch. This luxurious touch can leave a lasting impression on customers and contribute to the overall brand experience.

Metallic Foil

Metallic surfaces have a unique visual appeal and can make labels stand out with their bright and reflective qualities. While standard printing offers a wide range of colors, metallic finishes provide an extra level of visual pop and elegance. By using different finishes in specific areas, designers can create dynamic and visually appealing labels. For example, combining matte and reflective elements can result in a striking contrast that adds depth and dimension to the label’s graphics or text.

Thermochromatic Ink

Metallic finishes are particularly effective in luxury and high-end product packaging, where they can convey a sense of sophistication and quality. They can elevate the perceived value of a product and create a unique and premium look.

Thermochromatic Ink:

thermapeutic labels printing (1)

Temperature-sensitive inks have been utilized for many years as a means to protect products that have specific temperature requirements. These inks are designed to undergo a color change or reveal hidden elements when exposed to certain temperatures, making them an innovative and creative solution for product labeling. 

A notable example of temperature-sensitive ink usage is the 2007 campaign by Coors, a beer brand. They employed this ink on their labels to indicate that their beer was cold. When the temperature of the can or bottle dropped to a specific level, a mountain range design would appear, visually conveying to consumers that the beer was chilled and ready to be enjoyed. This clever use of temperature-sensitive ink served as both a functional and marketing element.

8. Wrap-around labels

Wrap-around labels

An effective technique for labeling is wrap-around labels around the product or its packaging that contains all the important information. While there are many benefits of using this technique, the most popular reasons include the fact that it gives a larger space to write the details, there are no creases in labeling which allows for faster operations and it has anti-static properties which resist damage to the labels during logistics and storage. 

9. Mascot Variations

mascot label packaging

Mascot Variations especially useful for campaigns or creating a brand identity, mascot designs convey the message of the brand better stay with the customers for a longer period of time and are also useful in establishing a connection with the brand up to 40% more than regular labeling.

When it comes to labeling design and production, cutting corners on the quality of materials and printing processes can have a negative impact on the final result.

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